We’ve previously discussed at length how outsourcing, as a practice for efficiency and maximizing resources, can help your business. At this point you probably know what qualities you should find for your outsourcing partner and what tasks you can hand over to them.  In this blog post, we’ll tell you why you should choose Coffeebot, a Davao-based outsourcing company, as your partner.


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We have the skills

We are a confident and competitive bunch. Each member of each team is armed with the necessary knowledge to carry out tasks ranging from content generation to virtual support to project management to search engine optimization.



We have the tools

We understand that in order for us to help you become more competitive, having the skills is not enough. We also need the right tools to ensure that our output is constantly of the best quality. At Coffeebot, we use different tools to ensure that our service is nothing less than impressive.


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We are trainable

In order for us to be effective at becoming an effective member of your organization, we also need to understand your company’s processes. We are versatile and adaptable folks who can also work according to how your company gets things done.

Whether it’s using your company’s tools, getting access to the company’s online platforms, we believe that with sufficient training and tools, we can effectively perform tasks and deliver good results.


We work and play

We work when it’s time to work. But when it’s play time, we sure know how to enjoy ourselves. What do we mean by play time, you ask?

At Coffeebot, we make it a point to make the office not just a place for people to stay in their desks for 8 full hours. We also make sure to allot time for conversations and play. In fact, we have toys and games to ensure that each employee can play with during break time. We have a family computer, dominos, and many others.

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We also hold mini events like awarding for the “Achievers of the Month” which is usually done every first Friday of the month. During this event, we give recognition to employees who showed exemplary characteristics and output for the month.

During the awarding ceremony, we give a mini-celebration for people who will be celebrating their birthday on the said month. At Coffeebot, we make it a point to strike a healthy work-play balance that will not only help maintain the employees’ motivation, but also improve team dynamics.

Here at Coffeebot, we believe that hard work should be rewarded with good food!

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Davao City is an industry that is continuously growing and improving. And among the many different BPO companies in Davao, we aim to be different by making sure that we have what it takes to be an effective partner for you and your business.

Coffeebot is more than just an intelligent BPO. We’re your web genie! We take it as our job to ensure that we have the best resources to be effective at lending a hand to take your vision one step further. To know more about us and how we can make your digital marketing dreams come true, send us a message!


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