The online world is quite crowded at the moment, with a large number of people taking to the internet now that the pandemic has limited their outdoor lives outside of buying groceries and essential work. Filipinos are already known as voracious users of social media, and this quarantine has only increased our appetite for all things digital. In a time when many small businesses are trying to get by, it’s a good idea to optimize one’s digital marketing campaigns to generate leads while their customer base is stuck indoors.

As a lead generation marketing agency in Davao City, we consider it important that leads are always cultivated well so that they become paying customers. Email has remained an optimal way to generate leads, but with the many changes that we’re experiencing due to the pandemic, what are the things that you should focus on concerning your email marketing campaign?


Streamlined Design

While previous campaigns in more ideal times can allow for less-active efforts of conversion, these are not ideal times. Good design is a necessary feature in any digital marketing campaign, and streamlined and easy-to-follow emails can lead to higher chances of conversion. If your emails are pleasant and easy to read, then your content will not be brushed off or ignored. Whether it’s an introductory email to a subscriber or a newsletter, the design should be pleasing and engaging.


Add Links to your Content and Social Media


Much can be said about inbound and outbound links in your SEO campaigns, but links in your emails can also be helpful. You can link your website articles to your emails for more website traffic and to promote your site, as well as link your social media pages for further engagement. The most optimal Email campaign management strategies involve links that develop both your leads and your various digital platforms, like websites and social media.