Why is it that certain brand names are more popular than others? It is true that people’s decisions are swayed in buying things depending on the brand name. People would say that they would buy this and that products because of their trusted names. Few people would dare try new ones unless they are convinced that it is effective and is as good as the established name brands.

So why is branding important? It is part of a product or service’s identity. It is what makes people know that they exist. It is like your name, it is something that is uniquely you. This is the same with products, this is a part of how they market or advertise products.

If you watch television frequently, you would realize that branding is not anymore relegated to objects. People are also being given “brands”. In a very popular reality show about modeling, each model is given a branding. This brand name shows their personality and how they should be perceived by the public. Hence, there is easy familiarity and retention.


If your branding is effective then consumers would buy your products and use it for the years to come. If it is not then do not despair, there is such a word as re-inventing. This means that you can have a new identity and hopefully it would be a  better one than before.

The secret with a successful brand is that it retains all the essential things it was known from the start but it evolves. It may seem complicated but it is not. Just imagine yourself, you started out as a newborn, then a child then an adult. There are changes made but the core remains the same.

Branding can sound limited but if you know how to strategize it can be as flexible and successful as you want it to be.