It is said that pictures can paint a thousand words. You can learn a lot by just looking at a picture. There is something about pictures that make people stop and stare. It can be the different colors that you can see in it or the topic or subject is interesting enough that you need to pause and look at it. Instagram can rival Twitter with its number of followers. It is really a free advertising of products without too much fuss and cost.

To prove a point, if a person who loves drinking tea would always take a photo of it and upload it in his Instagram account then others can see it. This would mean free advertising for that brand of tea. The possibility is endless. When you think about it, it can make people, products or services popular too.

Instagram may just be an app at the moment, but if the marketing firms just take note of its phenomenon, then it is a viable source of online marketing. It is easy, free and fun to do. I think that the main requirement for this to be successful as an online marketing campaign is to make sure that the pictures are interesting and can grab the attention of the viewers.

The limitation of the Instagram is that it is just an image; it does not have the same capacity as YouTube wherein you can see, hear and watch what brands are offering. That is why it is important that the pictures should really be eye-catching to make sure that people will be interested to click it.

In this fast paced world of ours, the online marketing team should always be one step ahead in the game. One cannot just relax and rely on the old tools of the trade. One has to constantly evolve.