Almost everyone who has the ability to purchase has an existing Facebook account. In the Philippines, 68.2% of the whole population has a Facebook account – that’s roughly around 74.85 million Filipinos that you can reach through social media.

In connection to the given statistics, we’ll simply be blunt in saying that, if your business still doesn’t have a social media page, YOU NEED HELP – specifically from a social media agency in Davao City.


Why do you need to hire a social media company around your locality? Here are some things that you need to know.



They know about your location more

The number of social media agencies globally are growing fast. This is because there’s a high demand for experts in social media marketing and content creation. When looking at your candidates, the first step is to look for an agency that offers social media services in your area.

Local social media actually plays a huge role in marketing your brand to your target audience. If you want to take over your locality first, you will need people that fully understand the social media dynamics in your area. Coffeebot Solutions, for example, is a Davao-based digital marketing and social media management agency that places importance on the value of local social media information in creating interactive content.



With a local social media agency’s ability to understand the ins and outs of your own city, your brand will surely stand out against the competition.


They know the local taste


If you want to climb the social media ladder, you need to take baby steps first. In the case of social media marketing, you need to know and understand your local demographics first. Although Facebook Insights and Analytics can provide information about your target audience’s data, hiring a social media agency in Davao or in Mindanao will give you an edge because they can help you see how you can use such valuable data.

Local social media marketers fully understand what your audience love and hate. Why? They represent a part of the demographic too. That means it will be easier for you to expand your brand since the people you hired live in the area you are advertising your business to.



If you are looking for a social media agency in Davao or in the Philippines, you need to make sure that your chosen one has the power to bring out the best in your brand. Coffeebot Solutions has fully understood the local demography of Davao City through its statistics-based information that you can check out here.

If you need our help, you can send us a message. Let’s talk about your brand over a cup of coffee!