RANKED 9TH AS THE SAFEST in the world, Davao has in recent years been enjoying an advantage unlike any city in the country since, which makes it by far a convenient place to do business and leisure, with a safety index of 80.69 (crime index of 19.31), according to Numbeo.com, the world’s largest crowd-sourced rating site.

Davao is growing by leaps and bounds. It has been keeping tabs with the best cities of the world, with practically every aspect of its development, from infrastructure to tourism to peace and order, the city is definitely the place to be in.

And since business is alive and well in Davao, the demands of maintaining it might be at its highest. The Davao outsourcing industry, needless to say, has had its fair share of contribution to the city’s success as one of the world’s best. Outsourcing think tanks such as Virtual Assistants (VA), which was inserted into the fold a couple of years ago in Davao, is now gaining a steady reputation as a contributing partner to the city’s economic growth.

It would be safe to say that Davao is the best location for hiring Virtual Assistants. Living standards, housing developments, health care, business opportunities, the list is unending, such indicators that could literally be a motivating factor for an outsourcing agent as far as ideas go, plus the advantages of working in a progressive metropolis, which is ironically surrounded by such growing cities as Digos, Tagum and Panabo.

Davao, where everything is virtually possible

Davao City during Kadayawan

Despite being labeled as a big metropolis, Davao’s commodities and amenities are relatively affordable and accessible. A sampling of the following prices (see infographic below) of some the basic commodities in the market and the amenities anyone could avail of somehow speak for itself.

You would think that these are student prices, but everything in Davao is as modest as its standard of living, where you could get a much cheaper price without sacrificing the quality of a particular product, as in the case of its exotic merchandise, the Durian, where one could have it at only P30, or even lower during harvest months.

Such is the lifestyle Davao has where you could pay less and still get the same quality we have come to associate the city with over the years. And it is in this environment that a potential Virtual Assistant could work into, the kind that would maximize his talent and skill without minimizing his potential. It is cost-effective and with a conducive place for some ideas and innovation.

Crime prevention, as has been said, is also another reason why Virtual Assistants could feel free to work for long hours since the city is relatively peaceful and less hazardous if and when they go home late at night.  In the first quarter of 2015 alone, The Police Regional Office (PRO) has recorded 13,735 crime incidents in the region, compared to last year’s 17,772, registering a 49.28 percent of the total crime index, 16.81 percent lower than last year. A significant amount of prevention which has its steady decline every year, making the city an ideal place to work, even at night.

It is definitely the best place for Virtual Assistants because it is the hotbed of IT development in the country. Davao stands alone, among the many developing cities in the country, in that top 10 metropolis worldwide. So with the rise of the IT-BPO industry, one could only imagine the diversified potentials the city could offer to a budding Virtual Assistant if he’s given a chance to work in an environment like Davao.

And Davao is Virtually Viable for Virtual Assistants


Davao, the best place for virtual assistantsEven the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) somehow felt the need of having more IT workforce such as Virtual Assistants when they intimated that four more BPO companies will do business in Davao in the coming months, enabling NEDA Regional Director Maria Lourdes Lim to quip, “These new companies are looking for Davao City as a secondary location of their operation to ensure business continuity,” she said.

Not to mention Open Access, an outsourcing network site, has acknowledged that Davao is the best place for IT-BPO enthusiasts because the city is:

  • One of the top investment sites in the Philippines
  • Focuses on building modern infrastructure
  • Branded as a major player in the country’s economy
  • Setting its sights on developing the IT business
  • Home to English-proficient professionals


And with plans of providing free Wi-Fi on eight different locations in the city, courtesy of The Department of Science and Technology-Information and Communications Technology Office (DOST-ICTO), a 24/7 access to information and communication, and even promoting poverty reduction through the internet, it doesn’t get any better than that for an aspiring Virtual Assistant to begin working in Davao City.

Why Davao is the Best Place to Hire Virtual Assistants



Photos courtesy of Gerry Madrazo