In today’s age of Facebook and Twitter, personal and direct messaging, some may wonder why it would still be relevant to invest in something as “ancient” as email as a way to interact with your market.

It would be wise to look at email customer support as an evolving platform that’s still indispensable in its own right, and here’s why.

You can do so much with email

Email is not just about sending and receiving messages, it allows you to do project management, sales management, and client management as well.

By integrating the right tools with your email service, you can assign tasks to team members based on client requests, making a client-project handler relationship a lot more easy to monitor for both the client and the worker.

In terms of sales management, email allows you to constantly update your customer/potential customer list with newsletters without the worry of the info you’re sending being too long. It also provides you with the opportunity to make use of tools that help improve personalization like Rapportive.

Additionally, email makes it easier to keep track of all your clients. With basically everyone having an email account (they are a requirement for any social media account/website membership, after all) you won’t have to worry about Client A not being on say, Facebook or a about Client B not having a Teamwork account. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what email platform they’re using; you will still be able to correspond with them conveniently.


It’s a friendly platform for all

When using email, whether it’s on their desktop site or on an installed app, you won’t have to worry about it taking too long to load since most email platforms are quite simply built.

Also, since email is a peer-to-peer communication centered platform, you’re provided with features to make reaching out easier like email templates and centralized contact lists.

On the client side, there’s less risk of the client (especially the not so tech-savvy ones) getting confused in terms of using the relatively newer social media platforms since, again, email platforms are a lot easier to maneuver.


It’s an overall better place to talk about your pitch at length

Aside from email being meant for longer messages, email lets you include images and more compact videos in your messages (which the receiver may download  without affecting the quality).

With better visual and auditory aids available, you will be able to better showcase your pitch to the customer, not to mention make it a more exciting pitch that’ll have a better chance of catching the viewer’s attention and making a better impression overall.

Email is definitely far from dead, and it definitely can still do a lot to help with your business, especially if you use email in tandem with quality email support staff.

Not sure where to get people who’ll do the email support job description and tools justice? Look no further than a digital marketing company. Not only are you assured proper utilization of tools and efficient handling of tasks, you also get yourself a good deal price-wise as well. So if you’re a start-up looking to make the most of email and its benefits, give a digital marketing agency a go.