Compared to, say, five years ago, there are more promotional methods and platforms available today. Companies everywhere are making use of social media and video publishing sites, to name a few.

This will understandably lead to you to ask if investing in the best link building strategies is still a crucial part of your SEO. The answer is yes, and here’s why you may need it more than ever.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen Keywords and Content Still Matter

As much as search trends and the popular culture that influences them change, there are queries that people will always be looking for, with keywords to go along with them. These evergreen queries can range from regular daily life concerns (such as weight loss) to marketing matters (such as customer support).

Businesses should make the most of these evergreen queries, and make sure to provide content that will demonstrate how they can help aid said concerns. The only way to do this is to invest in keyword tracking that will keep you updated on what your customers need.

Relevance Is Still Key

Relevance Is Still Key

A crucial role that quality link building plays is making sure that you’re not putting yourself out there as a source of clickbait or content for virality’s sake. This is something you might see frequently with shared articles on social media sites.

Such practice defeats the purpose of link building, especially because search engine algorithms don’t just look at the quantity of links generated by a page anymore. If you create clickbait-y and useless content, search engines will likely tag your page as irrelevant, and you won’t gain anything in the end.

Authority Matters

Authority Matters

Aside from looking at whether or not your website actually offers something to online users, search engines are also quite particular with the author of articles that are linked.

According to Google’s general guidelines, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (or what they refer to as an E.A.T. score) is a crucial factor in ranking pages.

This is why a well-written bio that helps establish your credibility need to go along with your relevant material.

Building Relationships Matter

Building Relationships Take You Far

As much as you can place your links on popular websites, it won’t matter if you don’t successfully establish a relationship with them. Remember that behind these sites are people. Interaction is important.

This is the biggest thing that a quality link building strategy can bring your business. Engaging with websites important to your line of business and collaborating with them help to further establish your credibility as a website. This helps you become a top candidate for good search engine rankings.

While it may seem intimidating cost-wise, know that quality link building can be provided by the best virtual assistant services for more than reasonable rates.