Imagine this scenario: you create and sell wooden miniatures of movie, TV, and comic book characters. All of them are carved by hand. Or maybe you’re the owner of a small bamboo bike  manufacturer. Perhaps your little company bakes cakes that are edible for cats and dogs and the profits go to an animal shelter. You get the idea.

They’re pretty sweet niches, right? It would be nice to have more sales and be more well-known. And for that, we usually turn to the Internet.

When folks venture into online marketing for their business, A lot of them stop at making a Facebook page. Sometimes they take it a step further and start an Instagram account too. And that’s okay. Social media is a great place to do business. It’s got a little bit of everything you need to start–among others, you’ve got messaging features, advertising, and sizable user populations.  But it’s not enough if you want to really expand your reach.

What you need is a website–

“But websites are expensive!”

Well, that depends on who—and where–your web developer is. If you hire, say, a Davao web development company (wink wink), you’ll definitely get a bang for the buck since it’s based in an affordable country called the Philippines. No offense to Western countries, but your outsourcing services can be pretty expensive.

Anyway. Back to the topic at hand. Your niche business needs a website. Need convincing? Say no more. I got a few points for you:


It’s A Place To Show Your Expertise To Everyone

Now, you might be saying, “I can post pictures on Facebook and Instagram too. Why do I still need a website?”

Ah, but I’m not just talking about having an image gallery. You can write about things that are relevant to your niche. For instance, if you sell bat houses, you can talk about the benefits of having bats in the backyard, or give advice on how to deal with bats inside buildings. Get my drift?

And if you don’t have the writing skills, you always can hire a firm that offers web writing services (wink wink). You can specify what kind of topics you want written as well as the tone of the writing style.

While yes, you can make long posts on Facebook, having a website of your own would be a much better venue for this than on your business’s Facebook page. At the hands of a capable web developer and designer, your site’s contents will be much organized that it would be on social media.


You’re Easier to Search

What’s the first thing most people do when they want to do a search on the Internet? They go to Google, right? Sure, Facebook’s got a built-in search engine too, but nothing beats the power that Google has.

With a website, people who might be looking for something that you have will have a much easier time finding you. You give people more ways to reach your business at any time, and who knows? You might get customers or even new business partners from the most unexpected of places.


A Bigger Online Presence is Always a Plus

Many consumers believe that a business with an online presence is much more trustworthy than a business with none at all. And they have a very valid point. People will realize that you are dead serious about your niche business because you are willing to invest in a website for it.

Having a website is like lighting a digital beacon to let the world know that, “Hey, I exist, and I have something that you might like.”

And if you have someone reliable who can work on making your site more visible on search engines, start advertising campaigns, and even integrate your social media pages with it, you’re going to make that light so much brighter.

So what’s stopping you?