I have been a fan of Instagram ever since I first started using it. As a photography enthusiast, I find this app fun and easy to do. Plus, it serves my purpose of showing off my photos whether they are self-portraits or every day subject I use for pictures. I think I already wrote articles about how viable it can be to improve the online marketing of businesses as well. It can be like Facebook and Twitter that can promote services or products.

However, there are now users who are panicking because of the new policies and procedures that were recently put up by the owners of Instagram. There seemed to be a misunderstanding on some parts of the users that their photos can be used by others without their permission and with financial remuneration. In the letter sent by one of the owners of Instagram, they explained that there is no such thing in the new policies and procedures.

I think it is just a case of a bad rumor spreading fast and causing panic to the community of Instagrammers. It made some people panic that their beloved photos would be used for commercial purposes. Granted that some businesses are already using the Instagram to up their marketing visibility and as per the owners of the Instagram, they are welcome to doing that. The marketing aspect of the Instagram will still be allowed to post and use the instagram to promote their business. They also assured the private users that their photographs would remain private.

Instagram was not also prepared in the spread of their popularity. They thought that their success would only be a mild one compared to Facebook or Twitter, but still, they are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in terms of their apps being widely used in the social media nowadays.