With social media dominating a great portion of the online marketing field, businesses, restaurants in particular may opt to invest more on their social media pages rather than investing in a sturdy and reliable website. While in actuality, both are very much necessary, it’s important for restaurant-owners to understand just why a good website is still important and why it shouldn’t be forgone.

You have total control

Unlike with social media platforms which only allow you up to a certain extent of page or profile personalization, websites allow you to do what you want with basically every aspect – color scheme, navigation options, how the different types of content interact with each other, it’s all up to you.
If you want to place a ‘view menu’ option, or a ‘leave review’ option, or maybe even a ‘book reservation’ option, it’s all possible. Such features help you gather great customer information and more importantly, make getting to know your restaurant a whole lot easier for the customer.

You can give them a fuller experience

Greater reign on what can go on your website allows a great number of possibilities – you can add a gallery option if you want to showcase your dishes and/or interiors. If you want you can even add a blog section wherein you can further establish your branding with articles, whether it’s an event involving your restaurant or a simple story about your specialty.

Food at a restaurant

Thanks to all the personalization options available, you really get to establish your identity as a restaurant, making it easier for you to create an imprint on your customers’ minds. You’re definitely not just another restaurant!

You get a better presence on search engine results

While social media does help your name appear in search engine results, it’s still websites that are prioritized when search engines index pages for results. So if you want your restaurant to appear along with, say, the terms ‘Mexican food Davao,’ working on an SEO-friendly site is essential.

Apart from that, a well-designed, SEO-friendly website can also help you locate yourself on Google, so when customers search for you on the engine, not only will your website appear, but your store location and hours as well, which can really help drive foot traffic to your restaurant.

How to get the website you deserve

When it comes to ensuring a quality site for your business, your best bet is to get a reliable team to design and develop it – from its physical features to the content used to keep customers interested.


A good professional web designer should be able to not only provide your restaurant with your desired aesthetics, but should also be smart about keeping it things such as navigation and content distribution as SEO-friendly as possible because it really does matter.

Person eating at a restaurant


It’s also paramount that you also get a good web content writing service that knows what type of content your brand requires as well as make sure it coordinates with SEO efforts because content is one of the major factors that can influence its success.

If it’s the hassle or cost of getting different sets of professionals to work on your website that makes you hesitate, rest assured that all you need is a good digital marketing team to handle the different aspects of a successful site.

Isabelle Arizola
Isabelle Arizola
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