Since its introduction at the turn of the century, social media has become a social and emotional extension of our lives. It is now a part of our culture that it is almost impossible not to acknowledge its use in our day-to-day affairs.

Social media mainstays such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now essential tools even in the corporate world for its sheer networking potential. In fact, some have made a living out of it.

Social media management enables you to focus on managing your project, dealing with clients, as well as scaling your line of businesses globally. Without it, you’ll find yourself at a loss on how to promote your causes and businesses online.

You can’t just register a social media account and haphazardly promote your cause or what have you on the web. There has to be some form of management for you to advertise your business in a professional and effective manner.

Having the right social media management allows you to:

  • Manage your social cycle – You will be able to schedule your Tweets and Facebook posts and check your conversations with customers, clients and partners, and even determine your social ROI through a customized analytics.
  • Streamline your workflow – Sharing your workload to your team, departments, or regions is a novel of way of getting things done. You will be able to assign tasks, receive updated notifications and engage in internal conversations to speed up your work.
  • Scale your team securely – You can add employees, business associates, clients to your team (without sharing your password), and work together in private groups to boost the communication.


It is a process. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing social media management is that online practitioners don’t have the right tools in managing social media. Questions such as, “How do I create a social media marketing plan for my business?”, or, “Do I need to spend money on Facebook and Twitter ads?” are some of the dilemmas facing social media novices.

Social Media Process, Documentation and Automation: How To Get Promoted From Social Media Staff To Social Media Manager with Jessica MadrazoSo when the Knights of Online Marketers (KOM), in collaboration with Hootsuite Ambassador Jessica Madrazo, initiated the Social Media Management Course in Davao City recently, these questions were answered.
“Social Media Process, Documentation and Automation: How To Get Promoted From Social Media Staff To Social Media Manager,” was attended by virtual assistants and online marketers in Davao City. The goal of the course was to equip potential social media managers on the latest social media management techniques as well as improving their social management skills.

Acknowledging the need to train potential social media managers, KOM CEO, Piper Ramboanga said, “When we started to implement the Virtual Assistant Training Program of the Knights of Online Marketers (KOM) Academy, we realized that we cannot give comprehensive training to all advanced skills needed by individuals to become a competent, knowledgeable, and skillful online service provider. That is why we decided to invite reliable resource speakers to demonstrate and train our students a specific discussion where they are advocates and with abundant online experience.”

The said course is part of their ongoing efforts for their KOM Continuing Professional Education Advocacy (CPE).
Social media expert Jessica Madrazo was optimistic in her desire to put Davao in the map as the hub for future social media managers, “I know that there are many talented virtual assistants in Davao who focus mainly on social media. However, unless the job calls for it, many fail to elevate themselves to the tools and skills needed to be social media managers.””

Jessica Madrazo Hootsuite-AmbassadorThe rise of the IT-BPO industry is the next best thing as far as career choice is concerned, and a course like this would usher in more opportunities for virtual assistants to become social media managers. “I am an advocate of establishing Davao as an IT services hub so I want to share what I know and establish more social media experts in the city,” Madrazo said.

Madrazo is a certified Hootsuite Social Media Consultant in Davao. She is currently the Operations Director for CoffeeBot, a boutique outsourcing firm, and is the social media manager for Dakila, a preeminent non-profit organization in the Philippines.