Many people have a tendency to underestimate their power, even though the medium has been with us for years now—since 1972, actually. But did you know that despite what others might say and think, email marketing campaign is still a top marketing method by many brands out there, even though there’s mediums like social media and PPC? Did you know that customer service still makes use of emails, even with the rise of live chat?

That’s because email still has it perks, even if it’s “slower” than other mediums. Age matters not if a platform is still good at what it does.

There are many reasons to love emails. Let us share with you some of ours!

So who says email is dead? Definitely not us, that’s who.

Got some email marketing needs that could use an expert? Or are you looking for a dedicated email customer support team? Feel free to check us out. We might have a solution that you’d like.

Hannah Villarosa
Hannah Villarosa
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