There are definitely a lot of options available for maximizing one’s SEO efforts today. In the search engine optimization realm, in particular, the availability of search ads and pay per click options allows brands to show up on search results pages without having to go through the thorough process of traditional search engine optimization, which includes a hefty amount of research and content creation. It also offers smaller brands a chance to shine at an affordable rate.


Despite all this, however, it cannot be denied that in the end, paid SEO only works for a temporary boost and can’t compare to the time, research, and persistence put into organic SEO efforts. And here’s why:


Users still prefer the real thing over ads

Chances are, that customer going online to search for “the best local makeup brand” or “best local coffee” will go for the search result with the most page visits over the result that has “Ad” in a yellow box beside it. Techniques and strategies may change, but customers’ preference over authentic, genuine content still reigns, and brands shouldn’t compromise providing that if they want to stay on top of their game SEO-wise.



Google still prioritizes good content

Not only are online users inclined to organically well-performing content, the biggest search engine in the world is, too. According to Impact Branding and Design, Google remains quite particular as to the quality of the items they present to their users. Given that, high-quality content is still something they reward well with a good search result ranking that isn’t lost after just a couple of months.


Organic results are more reliable and lasting

Speaking of a ranking that lasts a profitable amount of time, it’s worth emphasizing that while a paid ad on the first page of Google’s search results does provide you with a good amount of exposure, that exposure is only temporary and will disappear once your ad’s run is over. After that, you’ll have to pay again and again if you want your presence to remain. Work on your organic SEO ranking, however, and there’s no need to concern yourself with constantly having to set up an ad; once your ranking goes up, you can trust that it’s going to stay there.


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Does that mean I should rule out paid ads completely?

This doesn’t mean to say that you should exclude paid ads completely when choosing your SEO service package. It can actually be a big help when you need to get the ball rolling at the beginning of your SEO campaign. The main takeaway here is that you shouldn’t rely on it completely. Rather, incorporate it into your strategy so that it will enhance your organic efforts.


Find out more about how you can work on your SEO strategy by consulting with a reliable search engine optimization services provider. With enough time and work, you’ll find that investing in organic results is well worth it.0