Digital marketing has been a valuable resource for businesses big and small, especially in this no-touch climate. Getting your digital marketing up and running might take a while to set up, but the results are worth it. Take a look at the online shops being set up on places like Facebook, selling food or bags or such. It’s a simple process, but people react to them well.

With platforms like Facebook and Instagram providing a clear method of connecting with your customers, it would seem that social media is the way to go when it comes to professional digital marketing. However, it is not the only way for you to engage your customers. Email campaign management is a great way to supplement your social media. Here are a few reasons why.


Both Social Media and Email Marketing Help Cover More Ground


Social media and email marketing are similar in many ways. Both are intimate and engaging ways to communicate with your audience. That’s why favoring one over the other would not be optimal for your business. Digital marketing is a holistic process and using all the tools that it can give lets you have better results.



You Can Promote Your Email Newsletters via Social Media (and vice versa)


Most people receive targeted emails by signing up for a newsletter on a company website. Company websites are sometimes promoted on their social media pages, but why not cut the middle man and promote your email newsletters directly via your social media pages?
That way, your newsletter’s reach becomes bigger, and you’ll have more possible subscriptions from your Facebook/Twitter base. The reverse is also true. Use your newsletter to promote your social media pages.

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