CoffeeBot started from our common love for good, strong brew. A group of friends from different backgrounds who work surprisingly well together as long as we have good coffee (and occasionally tea and chocolate) flowing.

We understand that great coffee is the sum of its parts: the beans, the water, the press, the heat and the pressure. The same way that a successful business need all its components to work well individually and as a team.

We understand any business needs a good cup of joe to keep it going. Coffee stimulates the mind, sharpens focus, and enhances creativity. That’s what we do for businesses. We’re an unseen team that roasts the beans, grinds and brews it right to give coffee the right flavor, aroma and kick.

We’re an intelligent BPO lending a hand to businesses and individuals to help them take their vision one step further and reach it faster. We use concise effective processes to ensure high productivity and time efficiency.

Today, Coffeebot is a team of web genies working toward a single goal through initiative, creativity, skillfulness, communication, and of course, caffeine. More appropriately, it’s more realistic to think of us as a team made up of several teams that bond together to achieve our clients’ business objectives.

the coffeebot team

The Team

Coffeebot is a team made up of different teams that have their own key strengths. The Coffeebot team is made up of the Virtual Assistants, the SEO experts, Designers, Web Developers, Content Writers and Social Media experts.

The continuously growing Coffebot team is made up of Davaoeños who are hardworking, talented, and creative. They are a bunch of creative people who bond over nerdy stuff, music, coffee, and food.


Coffeebot started as a project initiated by current Operations Director, Jessica Madrazo in 2010. With her experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Madrazo decided to use her knowledge about the internet and business development to break geographical barriers. Madrazo was eventually joined by current Managing Director, Peter Perez in running the business. They are joined by other pillars in the industry to give clients a better way of doing business.

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