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You’ve asked around and you’ve received nothing but technical mumbo jumbo. No worries, we’re not here to impress with words. We want you to understand how and why it works. Before any negotiation is done, we’ll make the effort of knowing about your business through consultation.

Just starting your business? Not sure how to get your own outsourced team?

We believe that:

  • Business process outsourcing is no longer enough for Businesses to remain competitive.
  • Lowering operating costs alone isn’t enough to help businesses to survive with all the competition out there.

Businesses need consistent, high quality services that they can rely on. Entrepreneurs need personnel and staff who not only knows how to get the job done, but knows how important each aspect of the job is. Businesses need online business developers who have just as much stake in the business as they do; who see their clients as partners and not just paychecks.

Outsourcing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.


The World Wide Web is a big place. Your clients are looking. You need to be seen.

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Even Google is now hiring SEO managers to help get their own products on the first page of, well, Google. As a company that focuses on customer-satisfaction, Digital CB Business Solutions – Coffeebot always aims to help your business meet its maximum potential through Search Engine Optimization.

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Social Media

The easier way for people to develop interest in your business. Open up into the Internet-based social media marketing.

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Social Media Management is always about striving to grow your company’s reach through likes, following and engagement. Constantly. You don’t want to get 3,000 likes in a week and have them leave you because you’re being inactive, or because you’re not reaching them anymore. Proper management and communication will transform you from just a brand to a hang out place and social media trendsetter.

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Videos and Graphics

Don’t let the screen stay dull and bland. Let visuals stand out through our creative videos and artistic graphics.

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Whether you’re running a website or pages on social networking sites, having diverse content is the easiest way to extend your visitors’ stay on your page. No, written articles are not enough anymore. There should also be visual content such as explanation videos and eye-catching graphics that will keep your visitors’ attention on the screen. Our graphic experts will ensure you have images and videos that reflect your brand and your business.

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Email Marketing

Reach your market directly on their inbox. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your services and create relationships with your customers.

Email marketing is a highly effective way of engaging with prospects and turning them into customers. With constant nurturing, you can also convert these buyers into loyal fans. Remember, creating a solid brand is founded on trust and a strong relationship between you an your customers.

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Through email outreach marketing business owners do not only connect with customers. they also get the chance to create relationships with the influencers. In short, outreach marketing is a technique founded on trust and building relationships.

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Paid Campaigns

Pay Per Click or Paid campaigns, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Google platforms is the fastest way of getting results and conversion.

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Why do you need to prioritize and invest on an SEO Campaign?

It’s applicable for all types of businesses because every display is targeted. And because you only pay per click, budget is easy to control allowing maximum Return on Investment.

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Lead Acquisition

The success of your marketing email campaign lies on having qualified leads. Smart Lead Generation is the act of identifying the Right and Active contacts that qualify in your target market

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Through our targeted and personalized service, you’re ensured that your message is distributed to the right people through quick and quality contact creation process.

At Coffeebot, you don’t pay us to do the service, you are also investing on your business through us to ensure that its message is sent out to the people who should get it.

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Web Design and Development

Initiating that user-facing functionality of  your website. Our competent developers are highly- intellectual in native coding or Content Management System (CMS). Get the website of your dreams.

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We don’t just guarantee that your website looks great on the outside. We safeguard its stability on the inside too by ensuring that it’s made with clean, bug-free and functional codes.

  • Php Brands
  • Codeigniter
  • Laravel
  • Cake
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap

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There’s always a better way to do business online.

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