Video Marketing

We accelerate your visitor’s Aha! moment

Why Choose Our Service?

We accelerate your visitor’s Aha! moment.


We don’t use stock characters. Each character is custom-made for you.

We have made numerous videos in the past. Just look at our portfolio.

We have a team of experts on their own types of videos

Video Marketing

Videos serve as quick breathers that make content easy on the eyes and easier to absorb. Why are videos important for your site content?

  • Correctly optimized websites with a video in them increases their chances of appearing on the 1st page of Google by 53%.
  • From 48 seconds, the average length of visit on a website extends up to 5 minutes and 50 seconds when there is a video on the site.

Whether it’s an explanation video, animated logo, or 3D Animation, visuals enable businesses to address inquiries and explain things that would otherwise require paragraphs upon paragraphs of text. It’s message delivery made quick and easy, for short. There are more glaring benefits to having videos on your website, but to put it simply, it dramatically accelerates that “Aha!” moment where your audience finally gets it.


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Success Stories

Jon Dean

Spoonfed Fitness

“I was concerned about the cost of building a website for my new business but Coffeebot was able to provide a service beyond my expectations. I’ll be sticking with CoffeeBot, lucky to have found them.”

Tony Sherman

Implementation Guru

Working with VAs is always an initial bumpy experience, so you need to find a team committed to your success, they are. Finally a team I want to go the long-haul with.” ~

Warren Cassell Jr

Chairman of the Abella Group LLC

“No task was ever too great for the folks at CoffeeBot to take on. The high level of professionalism, in addition to their swift turnarounds always made my experience with the company extremely pleasurable.”