Social Media

IVF Davao

As Mindanao’s first-ever in-vitro fertilization facility, IVF Davao aims to conveniently disseminate information about IVF on social media. With the Coffeebot social media team’s implementation of information campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, the client’s social media pages saw a 555% increase in Facebook page likes and a 336% increase in the average number of messages received monthly.


Penongs is undoubtedly Davao’s most popular local barbeque house. The company struggled with sustaining their social media engagement and establishing their presence outside Mindanao. Through Coffeebot Solution’s strategic production of fun and on-trend social media content, Penongs wasn’t only able to successfully reach and engage millions of users, but has also become a social media force to be reckoned with in the food industry.

Pink and Gold

Pink and Gold salon is a popular beauty salon located in Davao City.  The salon has gained a reputation for its excellent customer service and skilled stylists, making it a go-to destination for locals and tourists alike.

With the help of Coffeebot Solution’s social media strategies, Pink and Gold salon experienced a significant increase in brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately, business growth. The salon was able to connect with its target audience on a more personal level, building trust and loyalty among its customers.