Paid Campaigns

Pay Per Click or Paid campaigns, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Google platforms is the fastest way of getting results and conversion.


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Google Adwords

Our Google Adwords Certified Professionals will ensure you get prime advertising spots for your keywords by:

  • Setting up your Adwords account
  • Keyword analysis and organization
  • Keyword and Geography targeted campaigns
  • Effective ads copyrighting
  • Performance analysis
  • Conversion Checking
  • Eliminating irrelevant clicks that waste money

It’s applicable for all types of businesses because every display is targeted. And because you only pay per click, budget is easy to control allowing maximum Return on Investment.

Why should you should give Paid Campaigns a chance?

• 89% of consumers turn to search engines to find information on products, services and businesses before making a purchase.

• 79% of consumers follow brands on social networking sites to get more information.

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Boosting your Google Ad Campaign’s Impact

It’s become an almost automatic part of life to go on Google any time we’re looking for something or need more information. With such a vital role in our lives, Google has effectively become the biggest search engine ever, as well as one of the most traffic-rich channels out there. Marketers recognized this, and thus,…

How to Stop Losing Social Media Followers

What’s more devastating than losing followers? Constantly losing them every day without knowing how to stop. Not only is it harmful to your Facebook marketing campaign, but it could worsen if you don’t address the situation immediately. So how do you prevent your social media accounts from losing any more followers? As you read this…

Strategies For Your Next PPC Campaign

A lot of people are still unable to fully grasp the concept of pay-per-click advertising. It can be simply labelled as SEO’s more expensive sister, but using it to your business’ advantage is another story. You can get into the basics of PPC, but maintaining results and getting your money’s worth involves a fool-proof strategy—one…

Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

Social media can be extremely useful in collecting local business leads. With billions of users in Facebook, and millions across Twitter, and Instagram, there's no shortage of people to sell your brand to. While you can always be present in all platforms, you have to pick your battles wisely. Sometimes it means investing more in…

The Difference Between Ads and Boosted Posts

Over recent years, Facebook has effectively established itself as a viable platform not only for selfies and witty status updates, but for advertising businesses as well. With that, a lot of entrepreneurs have seen the importance of investing in a good Facebook ads service provider to help them reach their Facebook user market. Before venturing…

Google Adwords 101: Keyword Match Types

If you're hiring a virtual assistant service company to design your landing pages, you're on the right track.  But a pay per click campaign relies not just on captivating your audience with the content on your landing page. It’s much bigger than just content (but don’t get us wrong, great content is crucial). There’s a technical…

Meme Marketing And How To Use It

Memes used to be a form of entertainment for certain demographics among internet users, but in recent years have gained such popularity that businesses, including big brands, jump on it every now and then in order to reach younger, hipper audiences. They have become so popular that businesses have even begun to include it in…

Incorporating Chatbots for Business

The continuing evolution of technology continues to affect how businesses operate, from Facebook ads service features to one of the more recent online business practices, and reflecting this is the employment of chatbots. While it does bring convenience to both business owner and customer for its quick response time and for its being always available,…

Tips for Higher Facebook Engagements

Ever since Facebook changed its feed algorithm, it has been a struggle for businesses to reach their target audiences. One surefire way for your social media page to garner attention online is to have your customers engage with your content. Not only will this boost your posts’ reach, but it will also boost your brand’s…

Facebook Business Advertising – Practical Tips

With Facebook’s latest algorithm update prioritizing content from friends and loved ones on the newsfeed, now more than ever is Facebook business advertising a necessity. It’s harder to get engagements and reach a wider audience now, and businesses could use a boost especially if you have an event, a new product launch, or a seasonal…

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