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Digital Marketing

Coffeebot’s wide range of online marketing services can help you find more customers and provide stronger online presence for your brand.

Web Development and Design

From setting up a domain, down to the last word in your last page, we’ll be working with you every step of the way.

Videos and Graphics

Don’t let the screen stay dull and bland. Let visuals stand out through our creative videos and artistic graphics.

Administration and Organization

Back office work piling up? No worries, hand them over to us! We systematise small work and get them done.


Create an effective customer support system, convert or engage with current clients through chat, email or calls.

Virtual Assistance

Grow your business with our general virtual assistant services such as email outreach, data entry and more.


Watch how we can help your business!

We’re that caffeine jolt that works as extra help to let you catch up, and grow your business. We’ll take care of your needs in lead generation, email marketing, search engine optimization, administrative work and more. We’re the little elf robots that work while you sleep so when you wake up, you have your shoes and everything else ready once you open for business today.


We’ve created diverse high quality services to especially fit different online needs. We also have cost-effective packages where we combined different kinds of services as all-in-one solution to your business’ demands. Check them out!

Digital Marketing

CoffeeBot’s hottest digital marketing services includes SEO, social media management called Social Blend and it starts at 240USD per month. We also offer paid campaigns like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Learn more about our digital marketing packages here.

Web Development and Design

Make your website consistent with your business’ goals. If you just need a basic WordPress website, we can have our Short WP Package at 500USD. Find out more or look at our other website and PHP programming packages.

Videos and Graphics

Catch website visitor’s attention with awesome videos and great visuals. Our Explainer Video starts at 1000USD. Find out about our awesome explainer videos and graphics we can create.

Administration and Organization

Need someone to do copy editing and formatting, down to transcribing, and creating PowerPoint presentations? Our Administration and Organization package starts at 480USD per month. We do more than that though. Find out more about this service and rates here.


Perhaps the cheapest but most efficient way to maintain good customer relationship. We can help you stay in touch with your customers with our email, chat and call support service. Our package starts at 5USD per hour. Visit Support service page to find out more.

Email Outreach

Focus your time managing on your business core tasks while allow us other tedious and repetitive tasks like email outreach. Improve your site’s authority with our high success rate strategy.


1. Yes means yes. You’ve heard of the horror stories, and we have too. We honestly don’t get it. When you ask if we can do it and we can’t, it’s a hard “NO”. If we need more information from you, we ask for it. When we’re not sure, we say so too. By giving a clear answer, we’re saving ourselves time AND money.

2. We document EVERYTHING. We’ve learned from our years of working through different industries, if you don’t have paperwork to back it up it doesn’t exist. This goes the same for processes, tools, results, statistics and especially communication. We can show you how we do things, which shows you that we actually know what we’re doing and not just making stuff up.

3. We believe that your business is our business. That makes us take on extra responsibility, because when you grow, we grow. You get more business, we get more business. If we cheat on you, we’re only missing out on our opportunity to grow with you. It’s simple.

"I'll be sticking with CoffeeBot, lucky to have found them."


"Finally a team I want to go the long-haul with."


"The high level of professionalism was extremely pleasurable"


4. We hire based on: knowledge, language aptitude, and attitude. Skills and knowledge is not enough. Our goal has always been to defy the high turn-over rate and minimize the learning curve. To do this, we hire people who do not only have skills, but those who share the same mission and vision as we do, and who has, and will grow with our company, and yours.

5. We put importance on the why to make sure that what we’re doing and how we’re doing it is right. It’s the missing piece in many of the companies out there. Initiative. You can only do so much, and think of what’s best for the client when you understand, and so, we try to.

6. We are humans, and we like to remind everyone of this fact. It’s obvious on our photos, how we write, how we communicate, and our service. We’re made up of people from different strengths, age brackets, educational backgrounds, social standing and beliefs. We celebrate our differences, it gives us a wider perspective of things, processes, and how to make our service better.


Here’s why we would never fail you if you hire us. Read our clients’ testimonials below.

“I was concerned about the cost of building a website for my new business but Coffeebot was able to provide a service beyond my expectations. I’ll be sticking with CoffeeBot, lucky to have found them.” ~ JON DEAN, SPOONFED FITNESS

“Working with VAs is always an initial bumpy experience, so you need to find a team committed to your success, they are. Finally a team I want to go the long-haul with.” ~ TONY SHERMAN, IMPLEMENTATION GURU

“No task was ever too great for the folks at CoffeeBot to take on. The high level of professionalism, in addition to their swift turnarounds always made my experience with the company extremely pleasurable.” ~ WARREN CASSELL JR, CHAIRMAN OF THE ABELLA GROUP LLC.

“Coffeebot has done a fantastic job for us. They don’t just provide outsourced services, they give you access to a well-managed, motivated team that are truly focused on helping your build your business.” ~ DAVE HECKER, SOURCESEEK



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Welcome to CoffeeBot! Thank you for considering us as your service provider. We’re a BPO company located in Davao City, a place with a city-province feel, and the perfect place to house your virtual team. And here in the CoffeeBot home, we try our best to keep the balance of work focus and coffee break fun. So when we work, we don’t only deliver service, but we do it with the dedication of making our clients’ businesses better. We’re the happiest when our clients are happy.

We would love to get to learn more about you and your business too. Drop by for a cup of coffee or message us here!

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