3 Advantages of Google AdWords For Startups

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For business giants, digital marketing is a no brainer, as they still have much budget left to spend on marketing, although they too aren’t spared from the decline in income. On the other hand, startups and local online businesses that are either trying to cope with the difficult situation or have just recently taken the risk to put up a business, despite the economic struggle.

Either way, running an online business for both business giants and startups will be a race to reach Google’s first page of search results. This is where Google AdWords for businesses comes in.

Basically, Google AdWords is an advertising service offered by the tech giant. It allows businesses to show their ads on the top or bottom part of the search engine results page, which will help in catching the attention of potential customers.

How can it help your business? Here are some of its advantages.

Google AdWords is highly targeted.

When you put up an advertisement through Google AdWords, you are asked to key in geographical location, keywords, age, gender, time, date, and other demographics. The ad service then maximizes Google’s algorithm to show ads only to potential customers.

Aside from that, it also allows you to choose the kind of device where your ads will be displayed. If you think that most of your customers are spending more time on their smartphones, like some “titas of Davao”, or if your target market includes gamers who are often glued to their desktops or laptops, you can make the choice for a more optimized and personalized approach to your ad.

It allows you to track your performance.

Google AdWords has a feature called the Quality Score.
This enables businesses to view their ad metrics and see how it is doing, determine the relevance of your ads, impressions, actual clicks, and even the account history.

It also displays the Ad Rank, which determines the positioning of your ad, relative to your competitors and other factors.

These digital marketing solutions enable businesses to constantly assess and reevaluate their strategy, which is needed now more than ever as the times are often changing with the rising, falling and rising again of cases related to the virus.

It is performance-based.

You are paying for results.

No clicks, leads, sales, nor results? You do not have to pay. This is an edge of Google AdWords, especially during this pandemic where returns and conversions are on a decline or are taking time to manifest.

A pay-per-click advertising model, it helps businesses, especially startups who are still struggling to gain traction, save money by paying only when a potential customer has actually taken some action to view or reach them.

Digital marketing has become aggressive over the past few months as businesses are trying to stay afloat amid the economic downturn brought about by the pandemic.

If you want to learn more about how digital marketing solutions can help your startup during these challenging times, call Coffeebot Solutions today.

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