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When Is The Perfect Time to Outsource

Every business goes through its own life cycle. Most owners start off doing everything to get the business running. You could go from conquering every challenge to handling every failure. As the company grows, you will soon realize that the work ahead is a little too...

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Why Link Building Strategy Matters

Compared to, say, five years ago, there are more promotional methods and platforms available today. Companies everywhere are making use of social media and video publishing sites, to name a few. This will understandably lead to you to ask if investing in the best link...

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5 Common Digital Marketing Myths

Local SMEs are now taking notice of how digital marketing can do wonders for their businesses. They become at par with the big leagues, and can even have better marketing strategies than their direct competitors for a more affordable price than traditional media can...

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Why Medical Services Should Have SEO

Requiring medical assistance isn’t as part of the itinerary as, say, trying out a new restaurant or visiting a new salon. Although open to provide healthcare for everyone, clinics and centers offering medical services fall under a more niche-type approach since it is...

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Short On Time? It’s Time To Get A VA

“I think I can do this on my own.” “It might be better if I work in this myself.” Sound familiar? You might be saying these to yourself a lot while building up your business from scratch online. They’re mantras often repeated in the heads of many up-and-coming...

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PPC and Facebook Ads: How Do They Work?

If you run a Facebook page, then you'd know that one sure-fire way to promote your page and amass a following is by running ads. PPC or "pay-per-click" is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Instead of...

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Coffeebot Awards The Achiever of the Year for 2018

Digital CB Business Solutions awarded its Achiever of the Year 2018 award to Mariel Marilao last Tuesday on the 29th of January 2019. Marilao is the 23-year-old team leader of the company’s Lead Generation department. She is also concurrently studying BS in...

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Improving Your Facebook Page’s Rank

Marketing on Facebook is more popular than ever, and with the site’s current algorithm, it may take some extra work to get your page to stand out. While it’s not easy, it’s well worth putting in the extra effort into social media for businesses, especially for local...

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Elements of a Well-Optimized Website

Relevant and quality content is king of the internet, and a properly optimized website with great content is a win for any business. If your business has a website, you might want to optimize it to its fullest potential, especially when you want to attract more...

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